How I used Twitter to get Adobe to fix their website

Could Twitter be better than an 800 customer service number? Or even email for that matter? Maybe…

Over the past two days, I had my first foray into the world of using Twitter for something other than “shouting into the darkness” about trivial meaningless daily activities. I was trying to register for the upcoming Adobe Max conference and discovered that the session I wanted to sign up for was sold out due to limited seats. I was kicking myself for not signing up sooner because I really wanted to join Russell Brown’s art directors pre-conference.  Samurai themed! I participated last year in the Jurassic themed pre-conf and had a blast, and won myself a new Wacom tablet in the process. Of course, I didn’t keep Russell’s email and so I wrote him through his website to see if he had a waitlist, not knowing if he’d get my request in time since he’s so busy. Well I had also seen that Adobe had a Twitter account, so I looked them up and sure enough, found threads for the conference. I took a flying leap and decided to throw my request into the Twittersphere to see if anyone could help. This was on Tuesday. By end of day Tuesday, someone from Adobe tweeted me back and was trying to trying to troubleshoot for me. I explained that the site said it was full…which apparently they didn’t know. As it turned out, the session was NOT full and seats were still available. I guess somehow other folks had signed up for the wrong thing online and had inadvertently closed out that item on the registration store. Wednesday mornign, the Adobe rep tweeted me back to let me know they were fixing it, and by mid-day yesterday, they had fixed the site, and I was able to sign up. Done. Sold. Happy customer.

This morning, I just got an email from Russell letting me know that a few openings became available this week.
Yup, thanks to Twitter. Imagine that.

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